While discussing cloud adoption plans with a client, they sought advice on how to proceed in a manageable manner, using the phrase, “How do I eat this elephant”?

“Eating an elephant” is a way of conceptualising the division of a vast and daunting undertaking into smaller, more feasible portions. Such an approach is especially pertinent to the process of cloud adoption.

So I thought, let’s create a recipe for everyone to follow :
    • Define the Elephant: Begin by rigorously defining the scope and objectives of cloud adoption for your organisation, including anticipated outcomes and the benefits it will bring.


    • Segment the Elephant: Dissect the cloud adoption process into more granular and distinct components. This might mean differentiating by workloads, cloud services, operational domains, or migration phases.


    • Prioritise the Pieces: Identify which elements of cloud adoption should be addressed first, based on factors like business impact, urgency, technical readiness, or resource availability.


    • Develop a Strategy: Construct a clear strategy for each element, detailing objectives, timelines, responsibilities, and success metrics. This becomes the master plan for each segment of the adoption process.


    • Start Small: Engage with the least complex or most critical segment to secure early wins, establish momentum, and gather valuable insights for the next phases of adoption.


    • Establish a Cadence: Maintain a steady pace for the adoption process. Regular assessments and adjustments are essential, analogous to establishing a routine for tackling each part of the elephant.


    • Celebrate Milestones: Acknowledge and broadcast key achievements to maintain drive and morale within the organisation, demonstrating that progress is being made.


    • Review and Adjust: After each segment is addressed, take the time to evaluate what succeeded and what did not. Apply these learnings to refine your approach for the upcoming segment.


    • Maintain Focus and Patience: Recognise that cloud adoption is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep a steadfast focus on the long-term objective and exercise patience throughout the journey.


    • Engage Stakeholders: Guarantee that all individuals impacted by the cloud adoption are involved and have opportunities to contribute. Their commitment is integral to the success of the initiative.

By adhering to these steps, a significant cloud adoption initiative can be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks, each contributing to the larger goal of transforming the organisation through cloud integration. This strategic approach simplifies a complex process and promotes a culture of continual improvement and shared success.