Cyber Security Consultancy

Ben Paddick

Technical Director

Technical Director with a passion for technology

My IT career spans over 20 years and multiple industries such as Construction, Legal, Telecommunications and Technology Consultancy. I have held various roles ranging from Operations, Architecture, Development and Executive Leadership. These roles have given me an unparalleled understanding of technology at every level—from infrastructure down to code—and the ability to see the big picture as well as solve problems that drive success. As Technical Director at Kontain, I adapt technology solutions to meet clients’ individual needs while at the same time keeping costs down through efficient implementation. This involves working closely with our clients to understand their requirements, as well as overseeing all aspects of projects.
Cyber Security Consultancy

Steve Clayton

Sales Director

16 years of experience delivering technology solutions across different industries

I’m responsible for delivering sales strategy and tactics, enabling targets to be met and exceeded. I work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, as well as overseeing all aspects of sales operations. I am also responsible for managing the delivery of our product roadmap. My aim is to ensure that we are delivering high quality solutions whilst ensuring that we remain competitive in terms of pricing and delivery timescales.
Cyber Security Consultancy

Barry Brown


When walking around the inside of your computer was a real thing

With 41 years in IT, I've witnessed tremendous change. Starting as a trainee operator, I climbed the ladder from technical support to data centre management. I've worked across banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and defence, always in IT—the industry within industries. Throughout my career, I've delivered data centre, network, and storage transformations worldwide. In addition, I've provided operational consultancy and conducted ISO9000 audits. Previously collaborating with Ben on infosec projects for the MoD, I'm thrilled to join him again at Kontain, bringing his vision of excellence to our customers.
Cyber Security Consultancy

Tanveer Singh Kahlon

Cyber Security Technologist

Are you prepared for the next incoming Cyber Attacks?

I'm a passionate cybersecurity professional with a BSc (Hons) degree in Cyber Security. I've built a solid foundation in the field, equipped to tackle today's cyber threats. My fascination lies in the evolving landscape of incoming threats and the adaptive strategies employed by cyber attackers. Staying updated and continuously learning, I enhance my defensive capabilities to protect customers and clients at all costs. Their security is paramount, and I'm dedicated to fortifying their defences. I'm experienced in implementing and supporting a wide range of cybersecurity products and services, ensuring seamless integration and reliable support. Together, let's create a secure and resilient cyber environment.
Cyber Security Consultancy

Oliver Crosby

Sales Team

From Swimming Success to Technological Triumph

As a European Junior Medallist and multiple-time British Champion in swimming, I've achieved remarkable success. Despite initially pursuing a career in life insurance, I always knew that technology was my true calling. Drawing from my elite sports background, I've developed invaluable skills that shape my approach to the tech industry. The dedication, discipline, and determination that fueled my swimming success now drive my excellence in technology. With a passion for technology and a blend of elite sports and sales skills, I push boundaries, exceed expectations, and strive for excellence. I believe in the transformative power of technology to innovate, improve lives, and create meaningful solutions.
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