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Nutanix, founded in 2009, is a leader in cloud software and hyperconverged infrastructure. The company has transformed data centre management by focusing on simplicity and scalability, earning a strong industry reputation for its innovative cloud and enterprise solutions.


Kontain has strategically partnered with Nutanix to bring a spectrum of cloud infrastructure and unified storage solutions to our clients. Our decision to collaborate with Nutanix was grounded in their unparalleled commitment to innovation, performance, and scalability. As a trusted reseller and provider of consultancy and professional services, Kontain enhances your design, build, and operations functions, ensuring seamless integration with Nutanix solutions.

Nutanix Solutions We Provide

Nutanix Central

A comprehensive cloud management platform, Nutanix Central facilitates centralised control and orchestration of your cloud services.

cloud infrastructure

Utilising Nutanix’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure solutions, we provide an agile and scalable framework for your enterprise needs.

cloud manager

A robust tool for cloud governance, Cloud Manager empowers businesses with simplified operations and automated workflows.

unified storage

Nutanix’s unified storage solutions offer unparalleled performance and flexibility, optimising storage resource management.

Benefits of Nutanix Solutions

Ease of Use

Intuitive interfaces and one-click management functionalities simplify day-to-day operations.


Nutanix’s hyperconverged architecture allows for easy and cost-effective scalability.


High-speed processing and optimised storage capabilities ensure your operations run smoothly.


Redundant systems and robust security measures provide a resilient environment.

Cost Savings

Optimised resource management results in significant cost reductions.

Support for Innovation

Nutanix’s advanced features, including AI and machine learning, empower organisations to innovate and stay ahead.

How We Implement Nutanix Solutions


Preliminary assessment and roadmap planning to ensure that Nutanix products align well with your business objectives.

Design & Build

Customised solution architecture and build-out, optimised for efficiency and scalability.

Delivery & Operations

A streamlined delivery process combined with ongoing operational support to ensure smooth and effective integration

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