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Application Management

Application Management

At Kontain, we understand that keeping up with the recommended 14-day application updates by the UK Government can be challenging for businesses.


That’s why we offer streamlined application management solutions to help you stay on top of updates, reduce vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance.


What is involved?

Streamlined Application Management Solutions

Strategy Assistance

Develop the right strategy, budget and business case for effective application management

Process Improvement

Establish an application management process that removes risk and provides actual benefit to your business

Application Packaging

Access to a team of highly skilled and experienced packaging experts who produce high-quality outputs every time

Application Delivery

Application packages delivered directly to your end users using your own app delivery systems such as SCCM and InTune

Application Maintenance

SLA-backed service with the capability to proactively maintain your application portfolio

Service Benefits

Providing a Secure, Consistent, Quality User Experience

Reduce Support Costs

Managing applications centrally provides efficiency and scalability

Improve Security

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks through the application layer

Enhance User Experience

Provide a consistent user experience to help improve productivity

Remediate Upgrade Issues

Overcome compatibility issues with legacy applications


Help comply with recognised standards such as ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials

Security and Control

Providing businesses with greater control of application security and timely updates

Application Compatability

Packaging techniques enable bespoke and legacy applications to run on modern platforms

Efficient Scalability

Application packaging facilitates the adoption of scalable, efficient solutions for software delivery to users

Quality Assurance

A rigorous quality assurance and testing process assuring customers of a consistent quality user experience

Use Cases

Streamlining Application Maintenance Processes

Ensuring Compatibility with Legacy Application

Migration from SCCM to InTune

Adopting Windows 11 Or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure