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RansomCare is a leading cybersecurity firm focused on helping organisations protect their data and systems from ransomware attacks. With a history rooted in innovative solutions and a mission to make cybersecurity accessible and effective for all, RansomCare has earned a strong reputation in the industry.


Specialised solutions for ransomware detection, response, and recovery align seamlessly with Kontain’s commitment to providing top-tier security solutions. This collaboration enables us to extend our offerings in cybersecurity, offering a multi-layered approach to data protection that’s both robust and reliable.

RC Solutions We Provide


A powerful solution for real-time identification of ransomware threats. This tool scrutinises file behaviour to spot inconsistencies, providing proactive monitoring of your systems.


Designed to neutralise the impact of ransomware attacks, this solution triggers immediate alerts and actions, reducing downtime and minimising risk.


Focused on swift and effective data restoration, this product ensures that your business operations return to normal with minimal delay following a cybersecurity incident.

Benefits of RC Solutions

Ease of Use

Simplified dashboards and intuitive interfaces make it easy for teams to monitor and manage cybersecurity.


As your business grows, RansomCare solutions can effortlessly scale to meet your expanding needs.


Enjoy high-speed, reliable performance that doesn’t compromise your daily operations.


Robust architecture and design ensure that your data remains secure even in challenging conditions.

Cost Savings

Effective ransomware prevention and response mechanisms can significantly reduce operational costs in the long run.

Support for Innovation

With a secure environment, your team is free to innovate without the looming fear of data loss or breaches.

How We Implement RC Solutions

Robust Design

Our pre-implementation phase involves a rigorous design process that considers your specific business needs, ensuring the RansomCare solutions are tailored for optimal performance.

Streamlined Build & Delivery

Leveraging agile methodologies, we ensure a quick yet accurate build and delivery of your RansomCare solutions, minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Efficient Operations

Our post-implementation support encompasses both operational guidance and ongoing maintenance, keeping your RansomCare solutions up-to-date and effective.

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